Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of medical gas construction equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, home healthcare products, and emergency medical supplies. Our products appear worldwide in a range of medical applications, including hospital care, sub-acute treatment, long-term care, home healthcare, and medical emergencies.

1720 Sublette Avenue   St. Louis, MO 63110   314-771-2400   800-444-3954
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Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.
135 South LaSalle St., Dept. 2543
Chicago, IL 60674-2543

Effective November 15, 2009 payments must be mailed to:
Allied Healthcare Products, Inc.?
P.O. Box 790379
St. Louis, MO 63179

Please correct your records for all Allied tradestyles including: Allied Healthcare Products, B&F Medical, Chemetron?, Gomco?, Lif-O-Gen?, Life Support Products, Oxequip?, Schuco?, and Timeter?.


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